How Can I Recover Emotionally After an Abortion?

Knowing what to do after an abortion can feel confusing, especially if you’re struggling emotionally. The physical side effects of abortion procedures are discussed often, but not enough emphasis is placed on possible mental health issues.

If you’ve had an abortion, we’re here for you. New Beginnings of Winchester wants you to know that you’re not alone. 

Moving Forward After Abortion

We know that women can experience adverse mental health effects like depression, anxiety, and grief after abortion. If any of these apply to you or you find it difficult to participate in everyday activities, know that others have been in your shoes and found healing.

You’re more capable than you realize.

Acknowledging that abortion is a significant life event is a good first step. Don’t try to downplay or minimize any trauma you experienced. Your feelings are valid, and you deserve both healing and empathy. 

Resources are available to help you process your feelings and move forward. There’s still hope; you don’t have to suffer in silence.

Post-Abortion Recovery Tools

First and foremost, professional counseling offered by those training in post-abortion recovery can help you address the complex emotional issues that can occur with abortion. They provide short-term and long-term support. 

Best of all, free and low-cost counseling services are available.

You can aid in your recovery by sharing your story (when comfortable) with a loved one. They don’t need to offer advice—simply a listening ear. 

Joining a post-abortion support group can help you recognize that others know how you feel. You’ll build community and talk about your experience freely.

Think about what you enjoyed before the abortion. Was there a particular hobby or place you especially liked? 

After an abortion, you may want to be alone. This is understandable, and it’s important to take time to process your feelings.

But introducing normalcy into your life could help you feel better and remind you that there’s more to your story. 

How We Can Help

New Beginnings of Winchester offers a free post-abortion recovery group called Surrendering the Secret. Our peer-to-peer counselors provide a safe, nonjudgmental space for you to share your experience and find healing. 

Contact us today to schedule an appointment. You’re not alone.