How Will Abortion Affect Me Mentally?

No two women will have the same abortion experience. How they feel afterward depends on several factors, including their personal beliefs, history of mental health issues, and whether they felt pressured to choose abortion.

If you’re considering abortion for your unexpected pregnancy, understanding the potential mental health effects helps you weigh this option carefully. You deserve to make a decision that considers your physical and emotional health.

At New Beginnings of Winchester, we provide free and confidential options counseling. Make an informed decision by getting the facts and keeping your mental health in mind.

Do Some Women Struggle After an Abortion?

It’s crucial to remember that abortion affects every woman differently. Some may feel they made the right choice and be at peace, while others may experience feelings of regret or loss.

Staying away from generalized statements like “All women regret their abortions” or “I’ll feel relief afterward” is best. It’s impossible to predict how you’ll feel after an abortion procedure, but keeping several things in mind can help you make a decision:

  • According to the National Institutes of Health, women may experience mental health effects after an abortion (like depression, anxiety, and grief).
  • From the same review, certain risk factors (like pre-existing mental illness) can identify women at greatest risk of mental health problems.
  • Several other factors can influence how you feel afterward, such as religious or cultural beliefs and whether someone pressured you to have an abortion.
  • All your feelings are valid. If you’re struggling, you deserve support and healing.

Making an Informed Decision

Weighing your pregnancy options can feel overwhelming. At New Beginnings of Winchester, our peer-to-peer counselors can help you learn about each pregnancy option, including abortion, and discuss which might be best for you.

We won’t pressure you into making a specific decision. It is entirely your choice, and you deserve the facts.

And if you’ve had an abortion and are struggling emotionally, know there is hope. We’ll connect you with the resources to begin your healing journey and find peace.

Make a free appointment today. We’re here for you.